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CEREBELLUM digi 128M – lightcontroller


This is a universal lighting controller for control Moving heads, scanners, dimmers, smoke machines and all type of dmx, and is able to control 512 channels using DMX 512 protocol of which 4×8 channel can be set as smoke machine channels and the rest reversed for 16 intelligent units up to maximum of 32 channels each.

The Cerebellum digi 128M is the improved product of the ‘U’ version. They are similar by functions and features but for version ‘M’ possible to contact PENDRIVE and already some new features also included.


Main parameters

  • Controllable unit numbers: 16pcs any kind of DMX unit , further 4 special DMX-512 unit
  • Channel capacity: 16×32 channels + 4×8 channels
  • Paralell program running: 4 pcs,
  • Programs: 64 pcs, each with 99 scene
  • Sequences: 64 pcs, each sequence with 16 steps
  • Records: 64 pcs, each record with 99 steps
  • Built in shapes: 8 pcs, circle, eight, triangle, square, cikk-cakk, sinus, x,
  • Soft channels: 271 pcs – 16 for 16bit mirror and head moving, 255 for 8bit dimmer and RGB channels
  • USB: direct PC contact, and pendrive
  • Software update: yes, via PC contact
  • Configurable user interface: 24 function buttons, 30 elements function library
  • Extras: BPM tact control, built in michrophone, changeableDMX refresh rate

User interface

Thanks to big sized frontside there are a couple of slider and buttons, so it is easy to handle fixtures by higher channel numbers. By 32 sliders all the 32 channels of a fixture can be controlled directly without any bank selecting switch. For starting events such as programms, records, shapes, sequences there are 32 buttons, and there are extra 16 buttons to select fixtures. 24 butons are configurable after user whishes. This features together makes this controller abel to use not only for typical ‘disco’ applications but also can be used for middle sized concerts, live programms.

  • Display: 2×16 character dispaly with LED backlight
  • Push button: 64 pcs, 7 event selection, 32 event start, 16 fixture selection, 8 function, 1 page select
  • Slider: 35 pcs, 32 channel control, 2 timing, 1 master
  • Jog wheel: 2 pcs, rotation free, endless, 96 step/rotate resolution
  • Housing: Metal, high quality painting and layout design


  • Power: 10-15V AC orDC, 500mA. The connector with secure ring mounted against braking connection
  • Voice input: line, jack 6,3
  • PC contact: USB
  • Extern memory: USB pendrive, any kind of USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 compatible, till 2Gb capacity, by FAT16 file format
  • Output: DMX-512, three pole pole

Appearance, accessories

  • Dimension: 483 x 265 x 83 mm
  • Weight: 4,3 Kg
  • Accessories: Power supply, user manual
  • Optional accessories: Alu case, Pendrive
  • Complementary products: DMX Monitor, RDM-es PC-DMX Interface
  • Packing: 5 layer karton box, 30mm polyester, airfilled nylon

For further informations about this product please dowload the user’s manual which can be found hereinafter.  You can find the informations for the software update, materials and necessary softwares on the software update page. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

Downloads – User guide Size
User manual – rev12 – GB – pdf 359.8 KB
Downloads – Software updates Size
Software update – v.3.9. 132.64 KB
Factory settings – All data – 2009.11.19 1.8 MB