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DEMUX 2 – 2 channels DMX to 0-10V interface

The DEMUX-2 is an inteface, which is convert the incoming digital signal to analogue value. It has DMX-512 input.


Main parameters

  • DMX base address setting by dipswitch
  • DMX control led. (RED) If DMX signal recived, the led blinks.
  • POWER control led. (GREEN)
  • In the outputs the incoming data will be converted to 0-10V signal
  • Recommended usage: controlling 0-10V devices via DMX
  • Small size outfit, easy to assembly to any kind of device housing.
  • Easy to fix with assembly holes at the four corner of the pcb.
  • Without incoming DMX signal the tens dipswitch set if the analogue value should be 0V or 10V

demux2 bekötés


  • Power supply: DC/AC 15V, 500mA
  • DMX input: screw terminal
  • DMX tru: screw terminal
  • Output: screw terminal, 2x 0-10V DC, 50mA/channel


  • Width: 81mm; Length: 48mm; Height: 24mm;
  • Net weight: 0,04Kg