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DMX Analyser

This produxt is able to use to test our DMX line. It can be analyse, check and inform us about different problems of the dmx connection.

dmxtester_front_1          dmxtester_alucase

Main parameters and features

  • Checking incoming DMX signal
  • Analogue check: incoming signal level measuring and displaying.
  • Digital check: timing measuring by microsecond resolution. Warning if any parameter are outside of DMX norm
  • The incoming DMX signal can be recorded with all of its timing parameters. The Analyser can play all the recorded DMX signal
  • The display data (for example the actual incoming DMX signal parameters) can be stored by one click to usb pendrive memory in bitmap format
  • On the display the data format can be selectable: decimal, hexadecimal, percent, bar graph.
  • Own generated DMX signal sending: all timing parameter can be set. You can choose available DMXnorm parameters, but also you have the possibility to set own parameters.
  • The Analyser can resend the incoming signal with modified timing parameters. For example: the incoming DMX signal  is DMX-1990, it can resend n format DMX-512A.
  • The Analyse can record the incoming signal to pendrive and play it later.
  • Cable tester function: short and break cable test.
  • Cable identify function


  • Power: 230V/12V AC or DC power supply, 2db 1,5Ah accumulator
  • Output: DMX-512, 1-1db 3 and 5 pole XLR connectors
  • Input-512, 1-1db 3 and5 pole XLR connectors, USB connector for PENDRIVE

Dimension and weight

  • Housing: Alu coffer,
  • Width: 350mm,; Height: 140mm; Deep: 250mm
  • Net weight: 4,5 Kg
Downloads – User guide Size
User manual – rev 2 – GB 248.8 KB