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DMX Monitor Driver

Not only for huge DMX controllers: Monitor, mouse and keyboard for your any type dmx controller!

DMX Monitor is able to visualize (receiver), convert (receiver and transmitter) and adjust (transmitter) DMX channel values.

Any kind of DMX Controller can be connected to DMX Monitor. On the screen not only DMX values can be seeing, but the user can give a channel order, can give a name for channels. With help of keyboard and mouse easy fast can be change all parameters.

Software update possible via USB connectror directly form the PC.


If you have a DMX controller, connect its DMX output to the DMX Monitor DMX input connector. The cable which goes forward to the lamps connect to the output of the DMX Monitor. You can control your lamps exactly on the same way as you could befor you used the DMX Monitor. Just you have many new features and possibiliy.


  • Power input: 230V/12V AC or DC power supply
  • OutputKimenet: DMX-512, 2 pcs XLR connector, SVGA SUBD-15
  • Input: DMX-512, 2 pcs XLR connector, PS/2 mouse and keyboard connector


  • Width: 250mm; Height: 50mm; Deep: 50mm
  • Net weight: 1,5 Kg


Downloads – User guide Size
Kezelési útmutató – rev 8 – GB – pdf 117.17 KB
Downloads – Software updates Size
Software update – v.2.1 – 2010.06.07 140.68 KB
Software update – v.1.9 140.61 KB
Factory data file – 2008.11.19. 1.8 MB