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Android Ethernet DMX/RDM Interface

This interface can be used in existing WiFi network, or in separated network with using dedicated router.

The light controller applications are developing continuously and also new software’s will added in the future. All of the android dmx application will be used with this interface. The DEZELECTRIC DMX application can be download form the Android market for free, so you need only buy the interface and you can use this system.

The interface is RDM capable, so able to control also RDM compatible devices.



  • Download one of the DEZELECTRIC Android application form the market.
  • If there is an existing WiFi network, then connect with android device to this network.
  • If there is no WiFi network, you will nedd a router which has DHCP server mode enabled and also WiFi modul. there are many kind if router. The cheaper one has built in antenne, but its working area much smaller then others which hes external antenna.
  • Connect the Interface with ethernet cabel to the router.
  • Connect the Interface with DMX cable to our DMX devices


EthDmxInt conn HU

About android application you will find detailed description in the menu PRODUCTS – ANDROID after select one product

The interface need an IP address for working. It get it from the router automatically (DHCP server mode). On the Android device nedded to give a password for safe use.

Downloads – User guide Size
Ethernet DMX RDM Interface – usermanual – rev1.pdf 604.89 KB