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The actual software update, user manual, and other necessary files for every product can be found also on the products own page.

Downloads – Utility for product software updates Size
RDM PC Director (software updater)
Software runs on PC. For products with DMX input
959 KB
LDM – Light Desk Manager (software updater)
Software runs on PC. For products with USB port
687 KB
Controller (software updater)
Software runs on PC. For products with RS-232 port
829 KB
Downloads – Software updates Size
Cerebellum digi 1024 (USB + pendrive + monitor + mouse+ keyboard) 278 KB
Cerebellum digi 128M (USB + pendrive) 135 KB
Cerebellum digi 128U (USB) 115 KB
Cerebellum digi 128 (Serial port) 115 KB
Cerebellum digi 64M (USB + pendrive) 130 KB
Cerebellum digi 64U (USB) 109 KB
Cerebellum digi 64 (Serial port) 109 KB
Miniscan-12 (Serial port) 28 KB
Downloads – User guide Size
Cerebellum digi 1024 830 KB
Cerebellum digi 128M – Cerebellum digi 128U 576 KB
Miniscan-12 352 KB