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MINISCAN 12 – lightcontroller


The Miniscan-12 is a simple DMX-512 controller, which is able to use for small channel number fixtures. Simple working area, small size, simple but fast programmable. These are its minimum features. Able to use for small pubs, discos light controlling where only reduced channel number fixtures are used.

The Miniscan-12 can control 12 fixtures by 16 channels. Also able to control extra 8 channel unit, which can be smoke machines, dimmer pack or strobe light. Simple to use, simple design, but it has many functions. On the 2×16 character display always can be see the actual working informations. Immediately show information when one button pressed, or one slider starts moving. There is no extra interface for control mirrors or moving heads, they can control balso by sliders. This controller is so cheap then similar controllers from China, but it has much more functions, and it is much more trustworthy. Because all of its channels can be controll in soft mode, this is why excellent to use for dimmer PAR lamps or RGB device controlling.

minisc12 012 285      minisc12 014 285

Main parameters

  • Controllable unit number: 12pcs any kind of DMX fixture, 1pc extra DMX device.
  • Channel capacity: 12×16 chanels + 1×8 channel
  • Program running same time: 1pc,
  • Programmes: 32 pcs, scenes by programms max. 16 scenes
  • Chasers: 12pcs, by sequenc 16 steps
  • Records: 12pcs, by record 99 steps
  • Built in shapes: no
  • Soft channels: 192pcs 8bit or 96pcs 16 bit
  • Software update: yes, via PC contact
  • Configurable handling interface: no
  • Extras BPM control for program running, built in microphone, all channels working in soft mode

User interface

The controller has enough user interfaces for control small channel number fixtures. One device channel can be controlled with 8 sliders and one page select button. For program start it has two buttons. With the 8 slider the fixture channel can be reached in order the DMX address setting. for this controller offered to control same type DMX fixtures.

  • Display: 2×16 characters, LED backlight
  • Pushbuttons: 22 pcs, 12pcs for unit selection, one for event select and 10pcs for other functions.
  • Sliders: 10pcs, 8 fro channels, 2 for program speed control
  • Housing: Metal


  • Power input: 10-15V AC orDC, 500mA. The connector with secure ring mounted against braking connection
  • Sound input: line, jack 6,3
  • PC contact: Serial RS-232
  • DMX output: DMX512, three pole

Appearance, accessories

  • Size: 483 x 133 x 53 mm
  • Weight: 2,3 Kg
  • Accessories: Power supply, user manual
  • Optional accessories: Alu coffer, RS-232 cable.
  • Complementary product: DMX Monitor, RDM PC-DMX Interface
  • Packing: 5 layer carton box, 30mm polyester, air filled nylon

For further informations about this product please download the user’s manual which can be found hereinafter.  You can find the informations for the software update, materials and necessary softwares on the software update page. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

Downloads – User guide Size
User manual – v.2.0 – GB – pdf 307.43 KB
Downloads – Software updates Size
Software update – v.2.6. 24.59 KB
Restore factory settings – All data – 2009.09.14. 256.31 KB