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RDM Device Emulator

The RDE (RDM Device Emulator) is able to make non RDM compatible units to use as RDM device. With this small module possible to confugure the devices via DMX line with RDM commands. Most important possibilities: DXM addressing, mirror direction setting, add on channels like master dimmer, configuralble shuter and, measuring temerature, working hours measuring, and so on.

One RDE unit is able to make RDM compatible on DMX device. The DMX signal must first goes to RDE input then the device must be connect to its DMX output. The DMX signal goes to other devices vie DMX thru output from RDA.


There are two possibilites. With boxed outfit the RDE has a plastic house and it works outside of DMX device, near the device DMX connectors. The other solution is built in the DMX device. In this case tha cables must assemby inside the hous. If the second solution is possible to make then we get a more compact solution.


The software of RDE can be upgradeed and configurable via PC.

User interface

  • Display: 2 colors LED: power state and data communication display


  • Power supply: 5V DC, four pole, or free cable
  • DMX input: XLR plug 3 or 5 pole, or free cable
  • DMX output: XLR plug 3 or 5 pole, or free cable
  • DMX thru: XLR plug 3 or 5 pole, or free cable


  • Including: user manual
  • Optional: DMX Monitor
  • Complemetary products: RDM Director


  • Size: 60 x 30 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 0,1 Kg
  • Package: 3 layer karton

For further informations about this product please dowload the user’s manual which can be found hereinafter.  You can find the informations for the software update, materials and necessary softwares on the software update page. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.