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RDM Director

With this device possible to use any kind of light controllers over RDM functions. It is usefull to configure DMX devices (which must be RDM compatible) over DMX line. Forget to try setting dip switches, clim to ladder or hang on travers. To connect this device into DMX line next to original DMX controller, and all settings can be made easily.

RdmDir_4879-2   RdmDir_4880-2

Here is a normal traditional DMX based communication between light controller and devices:


Connecting the RMD Director to DMX system is very easy. The cabel from light controller output must be connected to RDM Director DMX input, and the RMD Director DMX output goes to DMX devices. The original DMX signal can goes from light desk to devices trough RDM Director, and devices make the same as earlier, but the RDM Director can communicate with RDM compatible DMX devices. It is imortant to know that only RDM compatible devices can communicate with RDM controllers such this RDM Director!


The RDM Director can  also use in single mode, without conencted light desk to its DMX input. It can generate own DMX siganle and can be used as simple DMX controller.


To the RDM ready system also possible to connect non RDM compatible devices. These are functions normally as earlier, they takes not notice the RDM commands.

User interfaces

  • Display: colourful graphic display
  • Data input: touchpanel ont the total display area


  • Power: 12V DC, four pole connector
  • DMX input: DMX-512A, 3 or 5 pole XLR, opto isolated
  • DMX output: DMX-512A / RDM, 3 or 5 pole XLR, opto isolated


  • Including: Power supply 100-240V AC input, user manual
  • Optional: DMX Monitor
  • Complementary products: Remote Device Emulator


  • Size: 230 x 133 x 60 mm
  • Weight: 1,1 Kg
  • Packing: 3 layer karton

For further informations about this product please dowload the user’s manual which can be found hereinafter.  You can find the informations for the Downloads, materials and necessary softwares on the software update page. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

Downloads – User guide Size
User manual – RDM Director r11 gb.pdf 1.56 MB