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RDM Repeater (100-240V)

The incoming RDM and DMX signal goes to output, and not only powered but also can be digitaly renewed. All the input and output are opto isolated. Via the built in USB socke its software can be upgradeed or configure.

RdmRep230_4909-2   RdmRep230_4917-2

Working modes

  • Power: The incomind DMX siganle goes powered and opto isolated tooutputs
  • Digital renew: The incoming signal will processed by central processor and will be regenerated. The outputs get it digitaly renewed.
  • Digital renew with RDM: The incoming signal will processed by central processor and will be regenerated. Not only DMX packets but also RDM packets are senden. If necessary the splitter will reverse the the data flow for RDM answers from devices


The software upgrade via PC is possible.

User interface

  • Led feedback: power and data communication


  • Power: 100-230V AC
  • DMX input: built in XLR socket, 3 or 5 pole
  • DMX output: built in XLR socket 3 or 5 pole


  • Including: user manual
  • Complementary products: RDM Director, RDM Emulator


  • Size: 73 x 200 x 53 mm
  • Weight: 0,53 Kg
  • Packing: 3 layer karton

For further informations about this product please dowload the user’s manual which can be found hereinafter.  You can find the informations for the software update, materials and necessary softwares on the software update page. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.