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RFM-DMX Interface

Solution for wireless DMX transmission. The RFM-DMX Interface convert the wired DMX signal to radio signal, and the receiver modules convert it back to wired signal. It has more advanteges next to spare cables. The outgoing DMX signal is powered and renewed.

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The interface consist of two modules. One of them receives wired DMX signal, and via built in antenne sends redi signal. The other module receives radio signal and sends wired DMX. The nema of the modules: RFM-DMX RX – receives wired DMX, RFM-DMX TX – transmit wired DMX.

For one radio transmitter you can use more radio receivers. So the DMX signal can send to many direction witohut needing wireing many meters cable.

The built in USB connector has two functions. Once the power supply can be connect and can be conenct to PC for software update and configuring module.

If you use more DMX universe then also can be use more RFM-DMX transmitter at same time. The radio signals can be configured to different channels via PC software.

User interfaces

  • Display: two colors LED, power and communication
  • Data transfer: 6 channels at 868MHz


  • Power: 5V DC, USB mini connector
  • DMX input: DMX-512A, 5 poleXLR
  • DMX output: DMX-512A, 5 poleXLR


  • Including: Power
  • Opcional: USB cable, A-Mini B
  • Complementary products: Cerebellum light controllers


  • Size: 80x 50 x 43 mm
  • Weight: 0,2 Kg
  • Packing: folie, paper box

For further informations about this product please dowload the user’s manual which can be found hereinafter.  You can find the informations for the software update, materials and necessary softwares on the software update page. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

Downloads – Software updates Size
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